Home Security Systems Installation and Monitoring for Bethesda, MD

Over 20 Years of Installation Experience


For over 20 years, Ultra Guard Security Systems has been helping Bethesda, MD residents protect their homes and find the comfort and peace of mind that goes with increased home security. Because we’re local to Bethesda, we consider our customers’ neighbors, and, as any good neighbor should, feel that keeping an eye on your property is one of our greatest responsibilities.


With over 50+ years of combined home security system installation experience, our installers have designed and implemented hundreds of systems for local residents. Our focus on quality and dependability helps ensure the safety of not only you and your family, but of your home and your valued possessions.


We’re with you every step of the way when it comes to home security, and we offer the following comprehensive services:


  • Home Security System Installation
  • Video Surveillance Systems
  • 24/7 Home Monitoring Services

Home Security System Installation

Unlike many home security companies, we don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions to your home security needs. We know your home is unique, and we install one-of-a-kind security systems based on what you feel is best for your home. Utilizing their 50+ years of combined installation experience, our installers will secure your home with state-of-the-art security technology, including:


  • Motion Sensors
  • Window and Door Sensors
  • Heavy Duty Locks
  • One-touch Security Keypads


Learn more about our home security system installation.


Video Surveillance and Monitoring

Sometimes, it’s not enough to know your home has an alarm system. Our real-time video surveillance feeds allow you to check in on your family and your home anytime, anywhere, from nearly any mobile device. Learn more about our video surveillance systems.


24-Hour Home Monitoring Services

Peace of mind comes with knowing someone is monitoring your home at all times and ensuring the safety of your most valuable possessions. Our 24-Hour Central Monitoring Station has dedicated professionals working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year; we’ve always got an eye on your property and goods. If an alarmed is triggered, we’ll notify you immediately with a phone call or text, and, if necessary, will contact the proper authorities for the situation.


We’ll provide you with:


  • 24-Hour Coverage
  • A Call to You After Any Security Breaches
  • Texted Security Alerts
  • Calls to Police, Fire Departments, and Hospitals


If you’re ready for a safer, more secure home and increased peace of mind, contact us today at 800-431-9801.



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