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With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Ultra Guard Security Systems provides Potomac, MD residents with home security systems to safeguard your home from intruders and keep your family safe around the clock. Our team of installers has a combined 50 years of experience and will help you customize a system that’s right for your home. Our systems provide security measures such as:



  • Sensors and alarms
  • Heavy duty locks
  • Video surveillance
  • 24/7 home monitoring
  • Real-time emergency alerts and notifications

Home Security and Video Surveillance

The saying goes that “your home is your castle,” so consider a customized home security system installed by UGSS the modern-day equivalent of fifty-foot stone walls. Our systems monitor all doors, windows, locks, and even cabinets. We install both wired and wireless home security systems with a variety of different keypad options, including one-touch buttons for easy access in case of emergency. Live video surveillance feeds let you keep an eye on your property or check in on members of your family, even while you’re away.
By using the Alarm.com smart app, you can receive real-time alerts and notifications, as well as control aspects of your security system, such as lights, locks, and surveillance camera feeds. This can come in handy while you’re at home, but it’s incredibly useful and reassuring when you are away from home, whether across town or across the world.

Home Monitoring Services

Our Central Monitoring Station monitors your home security system 24 hours a day, which gives your home another layer of security and provides you with added peace of mind. In addition to identifying intrusions, these systems can also detect smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide, and our monitoring station will be alerted if any of these emergency alarms sound. When an alarm goes off at your home, we immediately call your house to see if the authorities need to be contacted, then do so if necessary, and call any additional phone numbers you have provided in case of emergency. You can trust that we are always on the job of keeping your home secure and your family safe.


Home Security System Installation

Once you contact Ultra Guard, our team will make an appointment with you to tour your home and property so that we can learn about your home security concerns, as well as make recommendations based on our experience. We’ll then review the variety of products and services we offer and work with you to create a customized security plan for your home. After installation, we’ll thoroughly train you to use the system and will be available for any questions while you become accustomed to the system.


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If you live in the Potomac area, please contact Ultra Guard Security Systems today to learn more about our home security solutions: 1-800-431-9801.



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